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Chimarrão – The Brazilian Mate Chimarrão – The Brazilian Mate Pronounced “shim – a – how”, Chimarrão is the Brazilian style mate, and is really quite different to hot mate brewed in Uruguay and Argentina. Everything in Brazil is bigger and better! And Chimarrão is no different.. ideally brewed in giant cuia (gourd/cup) with huge […]

Curing and Looking after your Yerba Mate Gourd What is a ‘Mate’? The Mate is a cup from which to drink Yerba Mate. There are 4 main types of Mate Cup: Natural (yerba mate gourd) Wooden Glass, Ceramic, Synthetic Guampa (horn) Below for each type of mate is some general information, how to treat your mate when you […]

Great Tip – Reuse your Yerba Mate in the Garden As you know, Yerba Mate is a very nutritious tea; it contains a wealth of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. It is not only fantastic for brewing and drinking – it carries on being nutritious after you have used it! Put your used yerba after drinking on your compost heap or […]

How do I choose yerba mate? Baffled by the choice of yerba? Yerba mate can be mild, strong, sweet, bitter, flavoured… here is a quick guide to the main types to help you choose yerba mate. Remember you can always make your own blend by combining different types (this is common practice in South America) With Stems (con […]

Watch our instruction video How to Make The Perfect Terere Tereré is the national drink of Paraguay (and also enjoyed in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil). Made using the same yerba as in other parts of South America, but prepared with cold water or juice, Tereré is usually sweetened. If you are accustomed to hot yerba mate this may […]

How to Prepare Yerba Mate What do I Need to Prepare Yerba Mate?  You’ll need the following items to prepare yerba mate: Bombilla. A metal or cane straw with filter at one end Mate. A cup usually made from gourd, wood, cane, horn, ceramic or glass Hot water. We recommend 82C and using a flask […]

Your Bombilla and How to Look After it What is a Bombilla? It is a straw for drinking yerba mate. Usually they are made from metal, but sometimes can be made from bamboo. The straw has a filter at the end – usually in the form of small holes but can also be slashes or a spring. It […]

Does it matter what you drink your yerba from? In a word – yes. Keen yerba mate drinkers are very particular – it makes all the difference in taste. Yerba Mate Gourd To explain – the ‘cup’ is known as the ‘mate’. The original and most popular vessel is made from a gourd, which is the fruit of […]