organic yerba mate leaves

Organic yerba mate tea is both grown and produced without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Companies that use organic methods often have a very moral attitude to business. They usually support forest regeneration and fair trade practices.

The flavour is more intense and the product is much purer than yerbas produced with the aid of pesticides. It is believed that organic yerba mate tea has a higher nutritional value to non-organic yerba. This is because in the absence of pesticides, plants have to increase their levels of the phytochemicals. These are the vitamins and antioxidants- which are a plant’s natural defence mechanism to bugs and disease.

Certification for Organic Yerba Mate Tea

At UruShop we insist on the highest standard or organic produce. All of our organic suppliers are certified as recognised organic producers both in the EU and worldwide. UruShop is certified by the Soil Association to ensure that we adhere to the high standards required to import and sell organic produce.

For instructions on how to prepare the perfect brew, see our guide how to prepare organic yerba mate tea.