Bombillas – Straws for yerba mate.

Bombillas – straws for yerba mate are essential to drink yerba mate. Without it you will simply be sipping large quantities of tea leaves! Yerba Mate is an important infusion that is enjoyed in the southern countries of South America, namely Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Yerba mate can be produced as three different drinks – hot mate (usually enjoyed in Uruguay and Argentina), Tereré (a cold infusion enjoyed in Paraguay) and Chimarrão (a hot brew enjoyed in Brazil).

No matter how you wish to enjoy your yerba mate, you will need the same few items to do so;

  • yerba mate tea leaves
  • mate – a cup that is commonly made from a gourd, wood, ceramic, metal or horn
  • flask to keep your water hot or cold
  • bombilla – straw to filter out the tea leaves. You will need one.

The bombilla is a straw with a filtered end and is used to sip Yerba Mate. The most common material for the bombilla to be made from is stainless steel. This is because it is a clean and affordable metal that doesn’t oxidise or lose its appearance over time. They can also be made from bamboo, alloys, bronze, wood and even gold and silver. Some bombillas are very simple and others are complete works of art.

For care information, see how to clean your bombilla. For instructions on how to prepare the perfect brew read our guide how to prepare yerba mate.