How to Make Tereré

the perfect terere yerba mate

How to Make The Perfect Terere

Tereré is the national drink of Paraguay (and also enjoyed in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil). Made using the same yerba as in other parts of South America, but prepared with cold water or juice, Tereré is usually sweetened. If you are accustomed to hot yerba mate this may sound awful! But you would be surprised – Tereré is a deliciously refreshing drink with a yerba mate twist, perfect on a hot day and a must-try.

What do I need?

How to brew terere


Yerba Mate with high stem content (Paraguayan Yerba is most suitable)

Your choice of juice or water. Citric juice works the best, and you can also opt for plain water, or lemonade. Our personal favourite is simply orange juice. We recommend using a diluted juice such as cordial or squash, so the brew isn’t too heavy


Sugar (optional)

Extra added items (optional). It is popular in Paraguay to add fresh herbs (yuyo) to the yerba. Some popular choices are mint, lemon verbena and lemon grass, however there is a huge choice, and often medicinal herbs are added as natural remedies. Sometimes, fruit is added to the mixture – into either the water or the mate cup


Mate cup. In Paraguay it is normal to use a guampa (cup made from horn); in Argentina a metallic cup is popular. You can use any cup or gourd, but if you like mate amarga (the usual, hot, unsweetened, bitter mate) we recommend you don’t use your usual gourd because the fruity taste will remain

Bombilla – metal straw with filtered end

Flask or jug


Fill your mate cup around ½ full with yerba mate. Less yerba is used for terere  compared to hot mate so you drink more juice each time

how to brew terere

how to brew terere

Optional step – infuse the yerba. As with hot mate, add some warm water, enough to cover the yerba and leave for a couple of minutes. This will infuse the flavour – do this step if you like a stronger taste of yerba

Now add large ice cubes and fruit/herbs if desired on top of the yerba

In a jug or flask make up the juice to your liking with plenty of ice

‘Dig’ your bombilla in, following the contour of the mate – terere is now ready!

how to brew terere

Pour the juice into the mate cup over the yerba and drink. Sip and repeat!

how to brew terere

how to brew terere

So to recap, to make Terere yerba mate follow these steps:

  1. Fill a mate cup 1/2 full with yerba
  2. Infuse with cool water for a couple of minutes
  3. Add ice cubes, fruit and herbs as desired
  4. Fill with iced juice, sip and repeat!
  5. For best results enjoy with friends and family

how to brew terere



Here are some of the items that are ideal for terere