September 2016 Yerba Mate Competition

We are pleased to announce our yerba mate competition winner is Igor Moroz. We were amazed at this clever 360 photo made up off 100 photos taken on a digital SLR showing Igor enjoying his yerba mate in the morning in his garden.  Congratulations to Igor, the prize is on its way shortly

yerbamate competition winner


yerba mate competition

It has been great seeing many of you enjoying your yerba mate in all places and spaces! With a wide range of different accessories, and all photographed with pride. We’ve seen mates up in the mountains, and chilling at the beach! Giving you energy on a mountain bike ride, and waking you up in the morning with that energy burst. We’ve loved seeing your mates in the sunshine and at sunset, and in your kitchens and gardens and even on a boat!

We had many amazing entries, including some other notably great yerba mate pics which we have selected as runners up. There are no runner up prizes, but we liked this next selection too much to not give them a special mention. Thanks so much for your fantastic entries and do watch out for more competitions for your chance to win other exclusive yerba mate kits and accessories.

Runner up photos

adam fry yerba mate competition runner up
Adam Fry
Luciana Suare yerba mate competition runner up
Luciana Suare
Mark Bowling yerba mate competition runner up
Mark Bowling
Hubert O yerba mate competition runner up
Hubert O
Kacper Rzetelski yerba mate competition runner up
Kacper Rzetelski
Leszek Krakowczak yerba mate competition runner up
Leszek Krakowczak




Other entries

We’ve not included every picture, but we thought you’d like to browse this selection of people enjoying their mate out and about!

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Original Competition Brief

Win the dream yerba mate set consisting of:

  1. Leather bound flask
  2. Natural gourd with decorative rim
  3. Stainless steel bombilla

Please upload your favourite yerba mate picture – can be anything related to yerba mate. Special bonus points awarded to pictures showing yerba mate being enjoyed, artistic pictures, and any incorporating the UruShop brand!

Photos can be uploaded at any of our social media sites, or emailed to Deadline 15th September 2016, winner to be announced 16th September 2016. Anyone can enter, we will send to anywhere in the world.

You must have the copywright of any photo used, and by enterring you give permission to UruShop to use the photos on our website and social media

Some of the photos products that are available at Urushop. If you are interested, do take a look...