Yerba Mate Sweets

Make your own Yerba Mate Sweets! 

Yerba mate in food (especially sweet food) is surprisingly tasty. It will bring a distinctive taste and energy kick to your cooking!

Try this recipe for Yerba Mate sweets:-


50g yerba mate

500ml milk

500g sugar

50g butter

1 tbs glucose

Boil the milk together with the yerba mate until it reduces in quantity to slightly under half the original amount. Sieve twice to strain all the yerba leaves out of the mixture. Place the sugar in a pan and add the milk infusion, butter and glucose. Cook on a high heat stirring continuously until the texture of the mix is like a soft, sticky paste.

Empty the paste onto a chopping board or work surface and allow to cool. When cool you will be able to cut into small segments. Roll the segments into little marbles in your hands. For a finishing touch you could wrap them in sweet paper.

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