Union Suave Yerba Mate

Union Suave yerba mate is the brand by Argentinian yerba producer Las Marias that is blended to be smoother and lighter than the other brands produced here. Las Marias has been producing yerba mate since 1924. It operates a strict policy of high level quality control while at the same time protecting the rights of workers.

The plantation and factory are located in Misiones where the earth is so mineral rich that it is bright red. There is only one small region in the world where this is the case and Misiones makes up part of that region. So yerba mate only grows in this region and it is why mate is so full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Union Suave yerba mate is of very high quality. This is because of strict quality control and audit of outsourced yerba. Union Suave also uses superior anti-moisture packaging that leads the industry. Customers who buy Union Suave yerba mate can rely on the quality associated with this brand.

Yerba Mate

The tradition of drinking yerba mate is such an important part of the South American culture that it can't be forgotten. This is specifically true in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. Although in addition it is also enjoyed in other South American countries. Typically, yerba mate is drunk from a natural gourd (a hollowed out fruit) used as a cup. The resulting infusion is then sipped through a metal straw known as a bombilla that has a filtered end to separate the infusion from the yerba leaves. Groups of friends and family traditionally get together to chat and enjoy mate together.

Any visitor to Argentina and especially Uruguay will have noticed that people everywhere are drinking yerba mate. Many people drink yerba mate because of its high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Others drink yerba mate because of the social aspect of sharing the brew with friends. Others drink yerba mate because they simply enjoy the taste!

Full photo instructions will be provided with any purchase of loose leaf yerba. So there is no excuse not to brew the perfect yerba mate! If you get it right, your yerba will always taste great, and last twice as long. Most of all, practice makes perfect!


Union Suave produces several blends:

  • Original blend yerba with stems
  • Yerba Mate in teabag format
  • Union Suave boasts growing range of flavoured yerbas that are light and fragrant