Browse Yerba Mate by Country

Please browse our yerba mate by country. Yerba mate, foods and cultures are quite different across different South American countries – here you can browse our range of products by country. The four main countries that our products are from are:

  • Uruguay – yerba mate is enjoyed strong, plain and bitter. Favourite brands are Carnarias, Moncayo, La Selva. Accessories from Uruguay are works of art, made from high quality gourds and ceramics and often bound in leather. The highest quality accessories are from Uruguay
  • Argentina – the majority of our yerbas are from Argentina. Some of the favourite brands are Taragui, Kraus, Rosamonte, Amanda, Cruz de Malta and Playadito. Try the famous Havanna Alfajores and dulce de leche San Ignacio
  • Paraguay – yerba is usually enjoyed as cool, refreshing Terere in Paraguay. Favourite brands are Pajarito, Selecta, Campesino, Kurupi. Yerba is packaged in superior quality packages and often enjoyed in “guampas” which are mate cups made from horn.
  • Brazil – yerba is produced differently in Brazil. Chimarrao is the infusion of choice, and unlike other yerba isn’t smoked or aged. So the product is bright green and powdery in consistency. Tricky to get the hang of, but easy when you know how!