Yerba Mate Tea Bags

Yerba mate Tea Bags
Prepared yerba mate in a teabag form.
Yerba Mate in Tea Bag Form

Most of the main producers of yerba mate in loose leaf form also produce yerba mate tea bags. The yerba used to make the tea bags is exactly the same as the loose leaf yerba, but it is usually ground up to a very fine dust, in order to maximise infusion into the hot water. Remember, as with loose leaf yerba, yerba mate tea bags must never be brewed with boiling water or the yerba will burn and become bitter. The optimal temperature is 83C but if you don’t have a thermometer don’t worry! As a rule of thumb, if you switch off your kettle a little before it is furiously boiling, the temperature will be fine.

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Is it Cheating if I get Yerba Mate Tea Bags?

Of course not! Enjoying a traditional mate in a gourd with a group of friends is a real experience, but there are many advantages to having yerba mate in tea bag form:

  • Its quick – you don’t always have the time to prepare a traditional mate
  • Its simple & easy – no need to have all the equipment with you, no yerba leaves all over the place! And when you’re finished, its easy to wash up, without worrying about proper care of your gourd.
  • No need to keep serving – you make a single cup and then enjoy it without having to keep on re-filling, perfect if you don’t have a flask to use
  • Taste – the taste and health benefits are the same

So who do we recommend yerba mate tea bags for? Its great for beginners, especially if you’re not sure if you like the taste of mate. But its also great for everyone as a backup and for ease, as well as – not instead of – traditional yerba mate.

Here are our house favourite teabags..