Yerba Mate Martini – Martini de Yerba Mate

yerba mate martini

Yerba Mate is a South American herbal tea, much stronger and more bitter than British tea. It is traditionally drunk from a gourd full of yerba leaves, and sipped through a bombilla metal straw with a filter on the end, to prevent sipping the leaves.

Mixologists have started to use infusions of yerbamate,to add a kick to many famous cocktails. Its high caffeine content and smoky, bitter taste is a real unique addition to a cocktail.

Try this recipe for a yerba mate vodka martini – a touch of class that will keep you going. It was featured in an article by a travel writer.

This would be a fun signature drink at an Argentina-themed party.

50ml vodka

25ml chilled Yerba Mate

25ml Grand Marnier/Cointreau

twist of lemon


Serves 2

Brew the Yerba Mate to make a very strong tea. It is easiest to use tea bags or instant yerba mate, but normal loose leaves will also work, just be sure to strain out all the tea leaves. Then chill.

In a cocktail shaker mix the vodka, yerba mate infusion, Grand Marnier/Cointreau together and ice. Shake, then strain and serve in a martini glass. Decorate with a twist of lemon.


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