Yerba Mate Cupcakes – Magdelenas de Yerba Mate


You probably hadn’t thought of using yerba mate for cooking but its surprisingly tasty..this simple recipe for 12 cupcakes is quick and easy, and brings a subtly different flavour to your baking.

Set oven to 180C

Ingredients for the cakes                              Ingredients for the icing

200g sugar                                                                                    100g butter

150g self raising flour                                                             200g icing sugar

75ml evaporated milk                                                            1 x   Tablespoon instant yerba mate   

Pinch of salt                                                                                  Green colouring (optional)

1 x teaspoon vanilla essence                                              Items to decorate e.g. flowers/stars/hundreds & thousands etc

2 x teaspoon baking powder

1 x tablespoon wine vinegar

1 x egg

2 x tablespoons instant yerba mate (if you don’t have it you could make an extremely strong infusion and use that instead, in which case reduce the amount of evaporated milk)

  1.  Sift and mix together the dry ingredients –   set aside
  2.  Whisk all the ‘wet’ ingredients together
  3.  Bit-by-bit add in the dry ingredients to the   wet ingredients mixing in well
  4.  The resulting mixture should be gloopy
  5.  Fill the fairy cake cases about ¾ full and   bake for 25-30 mins
  6.  To make the topping – whip all topping       ingredients (apart from the decorative   items) together and use to decorate the   cakes when they have cooled down

Want to have a go? Here are the yerbas we recommend for this recipe..