10 Tips to Keep Your Yerba Mate Gourd Healthy

Yerba Mate Gourd

yerba mate gourd

Keep your Yerba Mate Gourd Healthy

A gourd is not like a normal cup! It is natural, porous. It might be beige, green, brown, black or blotchy. It might not be the perfect shape. Be honest, when you got your first gourd, were you already an expert, or did you wonder what you just bought?

Maybe your gourd developed a funky smell, or even mould.. freaked out?

Don’t worry, this has happened to us all. Don’t be put off! The gourd plays such an important part in the ritual and taste of mate, and while ceramic and glass mate cups are growing in popularity, if you bear in mind these 10 simple tips, you can keep your yerba mate gourd healthy, tasty, and get the most out of your mate.


To improve the life of your gourd and prevent cracking

1. Cure before use. If not sure how, read “how to cure your gourd

2. Don’t leave soaking in water

3. Don’t over-dry. No matter how tempting to dry it quickly, DON’T put on the radiator and DON’T leave out in direct sunlight. To speed up the process, pat dry with a paper towel

To improve the taste of your brew

4. Empty after using

5. Rinse with just water – NOT detergent!

6. Dry the right way up – open at top – to prevent that musty smell

7. Use different gourds for sweet & bitter yerba

8. Allow to completely dry between uses


Trouble Shooting

9. If mould appears, remove & rinse with salt. Its not nice, but its not harmful

10. If you drink alone, choosing a small gourd will save on yerba

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