Kraus Yerba Leaves on the plantation

Fairtrade Organic Unsmoked Yerba Mate

Kraus is an expert producer of unsmoked yerba mate which is growing in popularly in the yerba mate world. This producer uses a unique drying system powdered by hot water and fans. Kraus is a vibrant and family run house of yerba mate. It is dedicated to sustainable farming, fair employment and ethical, organic produce.

The plantation and factory are located in Misiones where the earth is so mineral rich that it is bright red. There is only one small region in the world where this is the case and Misiones makes up part of that region. So yerba mate only grows in this region and it is why mate is so full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Unsmoked yerba mate is increasing in popularity due to increasing concerns about levels of ash in smoked yerba. As a result Kraus is one of the most popular brands in the UK. It is also popular because the taste is fresher and cleaner, which is ideal for beginners.