COVID-19 Update on Current and Future Orders 

In a nutshell: You can still have orders shipped to you as operations continue and stock is available. 

Update 29th December 2020

Standard Royal mail services are back up for European countries, however some courier services aren’t fully operational until 4th Jan. You can continue to place your order as normal and we will contact you if there is a problem or delay with shipping

Update 22nd December 2020

Following some travel bans from the UK and the suspension of freight between the UK and France, which is the main route of parcels to the continent there are suspension of postal services to most European countries, Turkey and Canada. The list of countries is kept up to date below. This situation we expect to be very temporary as there is already talk of the freight route opening back up imminently, however right now, these restrictions are in place.

Update 28th June 2020

Operations have largely returned to normal. We are still implementing strict social distancing, remaining at 2m distance within our warehouse and still with no contact with deliveries or collections throughout the day. Stock is generally available although some of the popular food items are selling out between restocking.

 Deliveries to you are also happening in a more orderly way. Here is a brief summary of our services:

  • UK fast tracked courier and FREE delivery are delivering as planned on the next day, or 48 hour services with no reported issues. So if you select fast tracked courier or FREE delivery you can expect delivery on the normal day planned
  • UK Royal Mail are mainly delivering on time but there may be some delays still as royal mail continues to deal with high mail volumes, and social distancing/sickness causes difficulties there. We ask for a little extended patience for Royal Mail services
  • EU Courier service are running normally, with delivery to most EU countries in 2-5 working days
  • International standard mail are delivery mainly on time, but there may be some delays due to the distancing measure and sickness throughout the network, so we ask for a little extended patience.

Restrictions are almost all lifted, below we keep our list updated of countries we cannot currently ship to.

Update 29th April 2020

For UK royal mail deliveries we use a non-tracked service. The “tracking number” we provide will give updates after a delivery attempt is made, so if you don’t have parcel you can then know it is in a safe place, with a neighbour, at the delivery office for collecting etc. Until delivery is attempted it is normal that your tracking number doesn’t give a current status of your parcel, you can rest assured it is on the way

We are aware of delays with Royal Mail deliveries. This is due to

  • Reduced workforce due to sickness and staff in self isolation
  • Less efficient working conditions at sorting centres due to having to implement a safe working environment with the guidance about staying 2m apart
  • Huge surge in demand as the majority of people are staying at home and doing a lot of buying online, sending gifts and letters etc

The delays are varying depending on delays within the system at each of the sorting facilities the parcels pass through, and bottlenecks with transport. So this is why some parcels are arriving in normal time, and others are taking longer. Again, please rest assured as ever we will always resolve any instance of a lost parcel, but we really appreciate your extra patience and allow 15 working days for delivery of UK Royal Mail parcels. If your order is urgent, we suggest you use our fast tracked service, or free delivery for orders over £50

For international delivery, at the end of this post is a list of restricted locations which we are constantly updating as it is changing daily. If you live in a restricted location, do keep checking back, some restrictions are only lasting a few days.

Update 15th April 2020

We are still sending as per below. However we are experiencing delays with our Royal Mail services. This is because Royal Mail are operating on reduced staff due to all the regulations. In particular deliveries are going to be slow to Spain due to airmail being suspended, so mail has to be driven by lorry and then Correos themselves are operating on reduced staff.

We are working very hard to get all your orders out as quickly as possible to mitigate for these delays and we really appreciate your patience at this time.

The locations that we can’t ship to are posted at the end of this page and we are keeping this up to date


28th Mar 2020

In a nutshell: You can still have orders shipped to you as operations continue and stock is available. For now your orders can be fulfilled but we aren’t 100% sure for how long.

Firstly we wish to send our best wishes as many of our customers will no doubt be experiencing a truly terrible time. Please rest assured, at UruShop, all necessary steps have been taken as per government guidelines to date. These include:

  • Working from home for all staff members where this is possible
  • 2 staff members running shipping from our warehouse, stationed in separate areas, and maintaining 2 metres distance at all times

There has been unprecedented demand, and this is understandable. When faced with weeks or even months in isolation, what better to reach out for than mate, or even another taste of home such as dulce de leche.

For now, operations continue as normal, and all orders are being sent out. We are monitoring restricted postcodes, but please, if you believe there is a reason that a delivery to you may not be delivered due to lockdowns/quarantines or access issues please get in touch before placing your order and we will do our best to make it work for you. Below find a list of known restricted postcodes or countries. Some locations are restricted due to severe lockdowns, other places are restricted because of lack of cargo space to ship goods to certain countries around the world.

Current procedure with all mail carriers means that where a parcel is too large for your letterbox, or requires a signature they will put the parcel on your doorstep, ring the bell and step back at least 2 meters. You will then need to pick up the parcel and close the door. If a signature is required they will sign for you. So even if you’re self-isolating, you can receive parcels.

Stay safe during this difficult time, sending love and mate from the UruShop team

Restricted Postcodes and Countries

Mail to these countries has been completely, temporarily suspended due to insufficient air transport. If your country is in this list, please check back regularly, sometimes suspensions are only lasting a few days and the list is regularly updated:


None at this time

working from home and social distancing at UruShop you can still buy yerba mate