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Alfajores de Chocolate (Mardel x 3)

3 x Mardel Alfajores – South American cake sandwiches with caramel (dulce de leche) filling, and covered in chocolate – delicious

Bombilla - Stainless Steel with Gold Cuffs

A beautiful and slender bombilla made from Stainless Steel (acero) to drink yerba mate. Has decorative gold cuffs along the body, and can be dismantled fully for easy cleaning.

Brazilian Mate Gourd/Cuia and Bombilla Set

A high quality Brazilian mate gourd with a wide opening and wire stand with a stainless steel bombilla

Dulce de Leche San Ignacio Caramel

Dulce de Leche 450g. Simply delicious caramel. Made by San Ignacio

Economy Stainless Steel Bombilla

Economy Stainless Steel Bombilla. Classic spoon design with a wide filter and curved mouth piece for comfort of use.

Guampa Mate Cup Pajarito - Horn

A Guampa is a mate cup made from a bull's horn - very traditional in Paraguay

Havanna Luxury Alfajores: Cacao

Premium cake sandwiches coated in a luxurious milk chocolate, filled with a delicious chocolate cream. 6 cakes, 270g.

Mate and Bombilla Set

A set consisting of a traditional mate gourd and bombilla: cup and straw for drinking yerba mate.

Sampler: 5 Kinds Of Yerba Mate To Try

A sampler of various brands and types – perfect to trial if you don't know which type suits you! Contains: 100g With stems (con palo) 100g Without stems (sin palo) 100g Flavoured 100g - Other 2 x teabags

Simply Wholesome Stevia Extract White Crystals 100g

High Grade Pure Stevia White Crystal Extract. Stevia is a plant with naturally sweet leaves. This extract is 30 times sweeter than sugar and will dissolve into foods and drinks. Neutral Flavour

Yerba Mate Canarias Starter Kit 2kg, Gourd & Bombilla

A starter kit - all you need to start enjoying Yerba Mate! Consists of 2kg of Canarias (yerba without stems, strong bitter taste) with a gourd and bombilla included

Yerba Mate Indega 500g

Yerba Mate Indega Original – 500g – Paraguayan with stems (con palos) , suitable to be made with hot or cold water, or with juice

Yerba Mate Pipore Suave 2Kg

2Kg – Yerba Mate Pipore – With Stems (Con Palos) – "Suave" is the smooth blend. Popular In Argentina

Yerba Mate Selecta Tea Bags Silueta

Yerba Mate Selecta Silueta in Teabag form Special Blend loss x 25 bags

Yerba Mate Taragui Roja 1Kg

1Kg – Yerba Mate Taragui Roja – With Stems (Con Palos) – Excellent Taste – Argentinian

Yerbero- Leather Yerba Tin with Dispensing Spout

A Beautiful, Traditional Yerba Gaucho Storeage “Yerbero” Covered In Leather with a handy dispensing spout